The Vital Element of Spinal Longevity is Your Core

core mechanics

Core mechanics contribute to a healthy spine

But surprisingly few people are able to take advantage of their core when it comes to supporting the lower back. Think about your core and what it means to you: is it just an ambiguous mass of muscle in the middle of your body; or is it a dynamic set of muscle groups that work together to stabilize the lower back, sharing the burden of weight and preventing injury to vertebrae and muscles in the lumbar region? At Holmes Chiropractic, we hope it is the latter; and if not, we can help you turn your core into a lower back stabilizing aid that will benefit you throughout your lifetime. 

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Facts In Hand: Making an Informed Choice on Back Care

back pain

Back pain is the leading cause of disability in the world

Even doubters of this grandiose statement have to admit that the phenomenon of back pain has established itself firmly in society. Its presence is on the rise, with conservative estimates stating that as much as 80% of our country’s population will experience back pain in some form during their lifetime. And while there are many direct, or acute, causes for back pain, there are equally as many cases of indiscriminate lower back pain that is aggravated by lifestyle factors. As we discussed in our blog here, pain is one of the least understood phenomena in society, which makes the need for unique, customized treatment all the more important.

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Radiculopathy: Spinal Nerves Under Pressure


Radiculopathy is irritating

At its most basic, radiculopathy is a condition characterized by compression and/or irritation of a spinal nerve as it exits the spinal cord. Symptoms include: 

  • Pain 
  • Feelings of numbness and tingling
  • Weakness in the extremities 

Most commonly occurring in the lumbar and cervical segments of the spine, radiculopathy often results from activities or habits that place an excessive amount of pressure on the spine. In this way, people who work physically labor-intensive jobs are the most at risk for radiculopathy. At the same time, radiculopathy can also occur in those who lead a more sedentary lifestyle, especially those work office jobs without consistently good posture. 

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Why Musculoskeletal Medicine Matters

musculoskeletal medicine

Musculoskeletal medicine matters for quality of life

Understanding the complexities of the musculoskeletal human means coming to better terms with what causes pain, especially chronically recurring pain that can become life-defining. Chiropractic, in its own way, is a form of pain science that seeks to treat the underlying causes of pain rather than repress or placate the symptoms. 

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Careers with Back Pain: White Collar Work

white collar work

White collar work hurts

White collar work doesn’t involve the dangers of lifting that more physically demanding jobs do, but it still takes a toll on the body. And precisely where does it hurt? The lower back. Because the average office worker can spend more than seven hours a day sitting while on the job, white collar work is one of the worst professions for back pain. 

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Careers with Back Pain: Auto Mechanics

auto mechanics

Don’t let your job kill your back

Automobile mechanics are in an industry that can be disastrous for the back. Consistently ranked in the top 10 of professions that cause back pain, the auto mechanic faces unique challenges to maintaining their spines’ integrity. Cars are large, awkward objects that require a human to bend, dip and arch their backs in order to get the required angle for work on the car. As we have found out, bending is one of the hardest movements on the spine because it pinches the front of intervertebral discs and leads to degenerative problems in the spine. Below you will find health tips regarding back care and the auto mechanic industry.

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