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Careers with Back Pain: Auto Mechanics

Don’t let your job kill your back

Automobile mechanics are in an industry that can be disastrous for the back. Consistently ranked in the top 10 of professions that cause back pain, the auto mechanic faces unique challenges to maintaining their spines’ integrity. Cars are large, awkward objects that require a human to bend, dip and arch their backs in order to get the required angle for work on the car. As we have found out, bending is one of the hardest movements on the spine because it pinches the front of intervertebral discs and leads to degenerative problems in the spine. Below you will find health tips regarding back care and the auto mechanic industry.

Auto mechanics and back pain 

  • Stretch before you get to work: warm muscles suffer far less pain and injury than cold muscles that are thrown into a day of heavy duty work. Stretching is also important because, as a mechanic, you are constantly working out the ligaments and muscles in your back. Stretching helps to prevent them from accumulating strain. 
  • Lift properly: always focus on lifting with your legs and bending at the knees when possible. If necessary, use props to kneel upon in order to further de-burden the spine. 
  • Focus on maintaining good posture: when you are hunched over an engine for hours at a time, be sure to take a break and stretch your back gently in the opposite direction to give it relief.
  • Depending on the part of the car you are working on, get as close to it as possible to ensure the least damage to your spine. 

Chiropractic helps auto mechanics with back pain

If you are reeling from back pain as a result of your job, be sure to check in at your Houston chiropractor. We utilize natural, hands on modalities to ensure that your job is not taking too heavy a toll on your spine. Think of your spine as your greatest asset; no matter the profession, you need to keep it well maintained. We help you do just that- give our office a call to schedule an appointment today.