white collar work

Careers with Back Pain: White Collar Work

White collar work hurts

White collar work doesn’t involve the dangers of lifting that more physically demanding jobs do, but it still takes a toll on the body. And precisely where does it hurt? The lower back. Because the average office worker can spend more than seven hours a day sitting while on the job, white collar work is one of the worst professions for back pain. 

Sitting is dangerous for the spine

Sitting is the position that puts your spine under the most pressure during the day. Sitting is dangerous in the following ways:

  • Slows metabolism and contributes to weight gain
  • Interferes with the body’s ability to regulate blood sugar and blood pressure
  • Puts the spine under compression
  • Contributes excess pressure to the lumbar region
  • Overworks certain muscles while underworking others leading to strain in the first case and atrophy in the second.

Responding to excess compression with decompression

For spines wracked by the effects of too much sitting, decompression therapy both feels great and helps you heal. By gentling stretching the spine, decompression therapy creates negative intradiscal pressure, allowing injuries such as herniated discs to heal quicker. 

When it comes to our job, make your spine an asset rather than a liability

More than 50% of our patients report a positive impact in both pain reduction and range of motion after just one treatment. By reversing the trend of compression and pain, decompression allows you to focus on things that matter for maintaining a healthy spine including: building core stability, maintaining proper posture and improving range of motion. If you are interested in using decompression therapy or other natural modalities to reverse chronic pain associated with your career, give our office in Houston a call to schedule an appointment today.