Your End-of-the-Year Chiropractic Check-Up

It’s a good idea to schedule your end of the year appointments if you haven’t already. Many folks deem themselves too busy throughout the year and end up losing out on insurance coverage benefits. Most insurance policies cover chiropractic treatment and in many cases, you won’t incur much of an out-of-pocket fee.

Chiropractic check-ups will ensure your body and brain are functioning at optimum capacity as you head into the new year.

Chiropractic adjustments have been shown to improve brain functionality, increase mobility, provide drug-free pain relief, and more!

Best of all, you can get an adjustment during the course of a lunch hour, if you’re pressed for time.

Contact Holmes Chiropractic today if you’re in need of an end-of-the-year adjustment — it’s a great way to end a productive year! 

How to Stay Active Over Thanksgiving Weekend

If you’re interested in ways to stay active while everyone else is vegging out and watching Netflix, read on!

Holmes Chiropractic goes over a few ways to stay active over Thanksgiving weekend that are worth anyone’s consideration and are totally within reach, even with so much time getting devoted to family functions.

Take a Nature Hike

It doesn’t matter if you go solo or you take a family member you’ve been meaning to catch up with, going on a hike will release healthy endorphins and provide you with a way to burn off those extra calories.

Snack Less

Think about your food intake and consume food for fuel during the holidays to stay alert and energized throughout the day. Eating right sets the table for an active lifestyle. Prepare healthy Thanksgiving dishes to get the rest of the family on your healthy new page. 

Visit Your Local Chiropractor in Houston, TX

Visiting your local chiropractic care specialist in Houston, TX is a great way to recalibrate the body and brain during the holiday season. Contact Holmes Chiropractic today to schedule your consultation.

Simple Diet Changes that Make a Huge Difference

When it comes down to it, living our most healthy lives is just a matter of making a few small changes. Although the changes may be simple, that doesn’t mean they’re not difficult to achieve. The measures Holmes Chiropractic discusses below require discipline and commitment in order to achieve and reap the health benefits.

No More Junk

The sooner you can cut out junk food completely, the better. Stay away from fast food places, stay away from candy, and stay away from foods laden with processed carbohydrates. These foods have little to no nutritional value and wreak havoc on your digestive system.

Eat Tons of Veggies

Aim for 2 salads a day. Get your kale and broccoli servings, not to mention eat your spinach. Leafy greens and cruciferous vegetables have tons of nutrients and are easier on your digestive system than processed foods.

Restrict Eating Times

It’s time to rethink when and why we eat. Limit yourself to eating all of your day’s food within an 8-10 hour window to enjoy the benefits that intermittent fasting brings. Stop eating right before bed as it will disrupt your sleep.

Contact Holmes Chiropractic to learn more about how our treatments go hand in hand with living a healthier lifestyle. Schedule your consultation today.

The One Life Change You Need to Make

For many of us, there’s that one elusive health change that we need to make as soon as possible that will drastically improve our quality of life. Whether it’s losing that 10-20 extra pounds, quitting smoking (or drinking), or cutting out processed sugar for good, making that choice and sticking with it now will make a huge difference on your health moving forward.

Make the Big Change Instead of Multiple Slight Changes

Instead of making a few slight tweaks on many areas — for instance, eating one less piece of candy per week, running 2 miles per week, or cutting down to half a pack of cigarettes — take the deep plunge in that one major area to boost your health quick. Once you cut out processed sugar completely, you’ll notice a huge health boost — the same is true for actually quitting smoking and going through with achieving your ideal body weight.

Stop Waiting

The point is don’t keep waiting until tomorrow to make that change you need to make. One more day of the same behavior will make it harder tomorrow to make improvements. Why wait to start living your best life anyway?

Chiropractor in Houston, TX

Another great lifestyle choice you can make now that will give you a huge health boost in numerous ways is pursuing chiropractic treatment. Contact Holmes Chiropractic today to schedule your consultation.

Happy Veteran’s Day from Holmes Chiropractic

Here at Holmes Chiropractic we just wanted to say “Thank You” to all of our veterans who currently serve and have served throughout history. Our country depends on such sacrifices and we sure appreciate those who’ve risked their lives to keep us safe.

Chiropractic for Veterans

At Holmes Chiropractic we specialize in chiropractic treatments for the entire family. We see veterans of all kinds, and chiropractic treatments can really help with all sorts of conditions that veterans might face, providing drug-free pain relief, increased range of motion, improved mobility, insomnia relief, improved mood, improved GI tract and immune system, and more.

Expert Chiropractor in Houston, TX

If you’re a veteran and you’re wondering if chiropractic treatments might be right for you, please give us a call today to schedule your consultation.

During your consultation we’ll go over your medical record and assess where you’re at health-wise, then we’ll custom-tailor a unique plan that suits your individual needs. Contact Holmes Chiropractic today. We have a long track record of keeping our patients healthy and well.

Chiropractic for the Professional

If you’re a business professional, one of the first things to get put on the backburner is your own well-being. You’re making moves and decisions for the sake of a team, perhaps a corporation, and, often, your employer wants to get the most out of you, not necessarily keeping in mind what’s best for your health and wellness.

For instance, the way most workspaces are set up, conditions are often cramped, furniture is often hardly ergonomically-designed, and we spend long hours either on our feet or in our seats, which can and will have adverse effects on our back, neck, and joints.

There’s a lot you can do to stay in shape, be well, and stay in the game, which will help you and your organization.

One way to do that is to incorporate chiropractic treatments into your overall health and wellness protocol.

During your first visit, we’ll have you fill out some paperwork, go over your current state of wellness, then handcraft a personalized treatment plan that works for you and comes in under budget.

Chiropractic adjustments offer the following benefits:

  • Drug-Free Pain Relief
  • Improved Mood / Improved Focus
  • Better Sleep
  • Improved Immune System & GI System
  • Increased Range of Motion
  • Excellent Injury Prevention

If you’d like to learn more about how chiropractic treatments benefit the career professional, contact Holmes Chiropractic today.