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A Stronger Core for a Longer Life

Why bother strengthening the core muscles?

The reasons are bottomless, but let’s boil it down to the most important few:

  • Injury prevention: core stability, influenced by the deeper-lying postural muscles, is the foundation upon which all other components of health should be built. A solid, stable core will keep your body and spine resilient to injury from all movements. 
  • Spinal longevity: your core muscles are the most important asset you have in preventing back pain and combating spinal degeneration.
  • Protecting your nervous system: your spinal cord is your central command center, the highway upon which the nervous system communicates. A strong core mitigates the compression that puts your spine under pressure and disrupts the nervous system.
  • Look better: an upright posture projects confidence and confidence is sexy. 

How you can start strengthening your core in this very moment

Pull your belly button inward and upward and roll your shoulders back and down, look straight ahead and take a deep breath. This simple action resets your posture- now the trick is to try and maintain that look despite all the work you have ahead. The more we can maintain this posture, the less likely our spine will fall victim of the degeneration that comes with working at a desk with poor posture. One way to make this easier is to focus on strengthening and stretching the core stabilizing muscles, made up of postural and phasic muscles, which are discussed here. If you are interested in strengthening your core, whether it be to account for back pain or to prevent it, give our office a call and let’s put together a dynamic healing and strengthening plan together.