3 Activities that Lead to Back Pain

When it comes to body pain, a lot of what we experience might be the result of what we’re doing every day. Whether it’s our long commutes to work and home each day, or those offtime kickboxing classes, everyday activities might be contributing to a significant amount of back pain in your life.

Below, Holmes Chiropractic goes over a few activities that lead to back pain and what you can do to counteract it.

1.) Staring at Your Phone

Tech neck is a very real thing and we spend a lot of time either staring at computer screens or staring down at our smartphones, which will put a significant amount of pressure on your neck and spine.

2.) Improper Lifting Technique

Improperly lifting objects is one of the major ways we injure our backs — it happens to millions of Americans annually.

3.) Driving

If your seat has you sitting with anything less than perfect posture in your car, it’s time to make an adjustment for the sake of your back.

Chiropractic adjustments are a great way to counteract wear and tear you experience every day. Contact Holmes Chiropractic to learn more about who we are and what we do today!

3 Ways Chiropractic Treatment Saves You Money

Some folks out there might be reluctant to seek out chiropractic treatment, especially when feeling well or what is perceived to be well. But, the truth is, you might be living with health problems you’re not totally aware of and might live with pain and discomfort this is just minor enough to live with.

Sometimes we might be hesitant to see the chiropractor because we don’t want to spend our money, time, and resources, but, in the long run, chiropractic treatment can save you money.

Avoid Costly Injuries Down the Road

Chiropractic treatments increase your range of motion and boost brain function and mental focus. These benefits will help you avoid injuries down the road.

Drug-Free Pain Relief

Millions of Americans spend hundreds and even thousands of dollars annually on prescription medications that simply mask the symptoms of underlying health conditions. Chiropractic treatments not only aim to provide drug-free pain relief benefits but also aim to address underlying health conditions.

Contact Holmes Chiropractic for Budget-Friendly Chiropractic Treatment Today!

At Holmes Chiropractic we aim to provide chiropractic treatments that can fit just about any budget. Contact us today and we’ll do everything in our power to get you the treatment you need at a budget-friendly price.

Do I Need a Health Coach?

A health coach is someone who can help power you through your plateaus and ruts, motivating you to not only stay on top of your exercise routine but also stay on top of your nutrition and workout recovery routine.

A big part of health coaching is directing the client toward a life of continuous health and wellness, setting the foundation for a long, happy, healthy life.

Below are a few signs you might be in need of the services of an expert health coach in Houston, TX.

You’re Not Feeling Great

If you’re feeling anything but 100%, it’s a good idea considering enlisting the services of a health coach, which will help jumpstart your health and wellness plan.

You Have Lingering Pain

If you’re working out, you might be working through pain that can either come from injury or overuse. A health coach can help you learn how to manage pain, suggest active recovery protocols that incorporate yoga, even suggest treatments (like chiropractic care) that offer drug-free pain relief.

Your Plan Lacks Focus

Often, we can’t help but not know what is best for ourselves. Often, if left to our own devices, our workouts, nutrition, and mental wellness practices can come few and far between. With a health coach, you’ll be able to stay on a regimented plan that will get you better, faster results!

Contact Holmes Chiropractic today if you’d like to learn more about our health coach services. We have a long track record of getting and keeping our patients healthy, well, and in shape!

Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Get Chiropractic Treatment

Chiropractic treatment is more than just a viable option for those who experience back pain and injury. One common misconception about chiropractic adjustments is that they’re only for those who are injured, when, in fact, those who might think they’re perfectly healthy still stand to gain a tremendous amount of benefits from visiting the chiropractor.

Chiropractic to Avoid Injury

Chiropractic treatment can increase your range of motion and help your brain better communicate with the rest of your body, which will help you avoid injuries down the road.

Optimize Your GI System

Chiropractic adjustments can help the intricate systems of your body function more properly, including your gastrointestinal system. Your gut is linked to your mind, which is connected to your spine!

Loosens Tight Areas of the Body

When you do the work thing and the extracurricular thing, your body takes a lot of damage, which can often come in the form of tension in the muscles, joints, neck, and back. Chiropractic adjustments help loosen up the tightness of the body, improving your flexibility and range of motion.

If you have any questions about how chiropractic treatments can benefit you, contact Holmes Chiropractic today to schedule your consultation.

3 Healthy Habits to Implement into Your Life Today

Habits can be healthy and not so healthy, it turns out. The things we do habitually can either be propelling us forward toward our health, professional, and personal goals or they can be quietly (and in some cases not so quietly) sabotaging our efforts.

Below are a few positive habits to apply to your own daily routine that will pay off in dividends when it comes to your mental and physical wellness.

Start a Meditation Practice

It doesn’t matter if you’re able to sit in quiet and stillness for a half-hour or if you can only do it for 10 minutes, practicing letting your mind be silent and still is a fantastic thing to practice daily — many successful sports figures, artists, and even CEOs practice meditation on a daily basis. Try it first thing in the morning before you’ve had your coffee for best results.

Exercise Your Mind and Body

We need to exercise both our minds and our bodies to achieve peace within ourselves. Read a challenging book once a month and work on your cardio. Strengthen your core and make sure to never skip leg day. Listen to audiobooks on the drive to work instead of that same old playlist, try a new educational podcast. When we work out our minds and our bodies to proper exhaustion, we get better sleep and stay in a better mood.

Join a Community

Be a part of something to stay connected and accountable to a group of like-minded, goal-oriented folks. Take a yoga or a martial arts class, do volunteer work — whatever floats your boat!

Chiropractic treatments are also a great compliment to an active, healthy lifestyle. Contact Holmes Chiropractic today to schedule your consultation. 

Neck Pain Causes and Treatment

Neck (and also back) pain can result from an injury due to an action or activity we are performing once, or it can be the result of something we’re doing every day. Below, Holmes Chiropractic goes over a few main contributors to neck pain and what you can do about it.

Texting/Too Much Screen Time

When we look at our phones we tend to hold them out in front of us, lowered so people can’t see what we’re doing, which means our necks are generally craned down in an awkward position. Too much time staring at a screen the wrong way can lead to neck and back pain.

Sleeping in the Wrong Position

Sleeping in the wrong position can leave your neck and back in pain, which can disrupt your entire day.

Workplace Injury

Sometimes our employers ask us to go above and beyond, and sometimes in those cases an injury can take place. Neck and back injuries are among the most common workplace injuries.

Treating neck pain can be tricky, but with the right protocol, you can recover and be back to 100% in no time. Chiropractic adjustments have been shown to be beneficial in treating back pain, neck pain, headaches, leg pain, joint pain, and more. Contact Holmes Chiropractic today to schedule your consultation.