Helping your Body Heal Itself in Houston

Heal your body Houston

For all but the most serious injuries and diseases, your body has the innate ability to heal itself

Our bodies are amazing and complex structures which contain self-repair mechanisms that keep us functioning day-to-day. Among these mechanisms, our bodies negate cancer cells that are produced, fight off infection, rebuild and repair broken proteins, heal injuries and fight aging to the best of their ability. Because they do so much without our conscious aid, it is important that we help maintain a high level of physical and nutritional support where we can. Chiropractic is an integral part of maintaining this support; read on to find out how.

Chiropractic for maintaining the body’s self-healing mechanisms

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Making your Body a More Efficient Machine: Chiropractic for Athletes

Chiropractic for Athletes in Houston

Athletes can push further with the help of chiropractic 

Athletes are a breed of people constantly seek improvement; improvement in performance begins with specialization of the body. In this endless pursuit of perfection, the athlete’s body develops the strength and flexibility necessary to excel and we believe that you can always use a helping hand.  Studies show that athletes who receive regular chiropractic treatment suffer fewer injuries, recover quicker and enjoy a comparative advantage over athletes who don’t use chiropractic. How does this work? 

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Addressing Shoulder Pain in Houston

shoulder pain in Houston


Take a moment to appreciate your shoulder joints, some of the most active in your body.

When most people say or think, “shoulder,” they are referring to the glenohumeral joint, which allows for interface between the scapula and the head of the humerus; this ball and socket joint interacts with three other joints to make up the shoulder complex. Along with these joints is an army of muscle, tissue and ligaments which add stability and strength to the shoulder. When you take a moment to think about all the motions you put your shoulders through on a daily basis it becomes clear: we use our shoulders for everything. We should therefore place store by keeping our shoulders in good health. 

Shoulder instability 

Because the shoulder involves so many moving parts and sensitive tissues, and because we move it so muchthis joint is particularly prone to injury. Shoulder instability refers to some form of dysfunction between all the working parts of the shoulder; the clearest example of this is when the ball partially or fully separates from the socket in the joint, known as subluxation (partial) or dislocation (full).  Shoulder instability is the direct cause for many symptoms involving pain and loss of motion. 

Chiropractic for shoulder pain in Houston

If you have been feeling tenderness and limitations in motion in your shoulder joint, it is important to get a clear diagnosis of the cause. At our office in Houston, we begin with a thorough physical assessment and medical history to get an accurate diagnosis of your shoulder pain. We utilize chiropractic techniques such as adjustment and mobilization to maintain spinal alignment and ensure proper nerve signalling to the shoulder. We can then help to strengthen the muscles and tendons which surround the joint in order to prevent any injury from recurring. If you are suffering from shoulder pain, wait no longer to get an accurate diagnosis by calling our office in Houston today.


The Mystery of Myofascial Pain

Myofascial pain and trigger points in Houston


Myofascial pain: what is it and why do I not want it? 

At its core, myofascial pain is a chronic, pain-causing condition that affects the body’s soft tissues. The fascia is a layer of tissue that covers our muscles and spreads without interruption throughout our bodies. When this tissue is injured, whether acutely or by repetitive trauma, it often tightens and contracts. This can put pressure where you don’t want it: on nerves, muscles and organs. The point where the injury occurs is often the epicenter of pain, and we refer to it as the trigger point; but other, seemingly completely unrelated, areas of your body can experience pain in what is known as referred pain. Because the fascia spreads throughout our bodies without interruption, pain can be experienced far away from the source of the injury. 

Chiropractic has many techniques for dealing with myofascial pain in Houston

Trigger points can be detected because, rather than being a source of scar tissue that develops after injury, they are areas of increased sensitivity in the muscle. When pressure is applied here, pain is often felt in an unrelated area, hence the referred pain and hence the necessity for determining the true point of injury. After diagnosing your trigger points, we move on to treatment which includes:

  • Myofascial release
  • Active Release Technique
  • Heat and ice
  • Electric muscle stimulation and ultrasound

By applying manual pressure to the trigger points, we encourage the muscles to relax and the trigger point to disappear. Specific exercises relating to stretching and strengthening can be used at home to improve your symptoms from myofascial pain. 

Treat your myofascial pain and release trigger points in Houston

Because myofascial pain is undetectable through x-ray, MRI and CT scanning, it is most often determined through medical history and physical examination. We use our hands to find whether trigger points in your muscle are the true source of your pain. From here, we move forward with a plan for treatment.  If you are interested in finding out more about how we help you treat your myofascial pain in Houston, give our office a call to schedule an appointment today.