Chiropractic for Athletes in Houston

Making your Body a More Efficient Machine: Chiropractic for Athletes

Athletes can push further with the help of chiropractic 

Athletes are a breed of people constantly seek improvement; improvement in performance begins with specialization of the body. In this endless pursuit of perfection, the athlete’s body develops the strength and flexibility necessary to excel and we believe that you can always use a helping hand.  Studies show that athletes who receive regular chiropractic treatment suffer fewer injuries, recover quicker and enjoy a comparative advantage over athletes who don’t use chiropractic. How does this work? 


Chiropractic helps athletes by optimizing the function of their bodies

Even the lowest impact sport is more punishing for your body than not doing anything at all. Because your body is taking on an elevated level of stress, it is worth giving it an elevated level of protection. Centered around optimization of the nervous system, chiropractic gives your body a front line layer of protection to prevent injury and keep you firing on all cylinders. It does this in a variety of ways, but here are some highlights: 

  • Preventing injury: we analyze your entire body to determine areas which could leave you vulnerable. By maintaining alignment of the spine and dispelling muscle tension, we keep your body in a pliable state. Chiropractic adjustment improves range of motion and a more flexible body can take more trauma without giving in to injury. 
  • Increasing circulation: this is an indelible benefit to the athlete; your muscles need to be oxygenated if they are gonna perform their best. Chiropractic improves circulation bringing oxygen and nutrients to the places they are needed most. 
  • Chiropractic influences relaxation: we find and release trigger points of tension, relieve nerves from impingement and relieve joints from undue pressure. The culminating effect of all this treatment is a unique feeling of relaxation that can only be felt after a visit to the chiropractor. 
  • Non-surgical, drug free: surgery should always be a last resort, and if we can avoid the use of painkillers, then all the better. Rather than treating symptoms, we detect the root cause of your dysfunction and pain and solve it at the source. 

Chiropractic for athletes in Houston

If you are interested in the many benefits of chiropractic for athletic specialization, give our office in Houston a call to schedule an appointment today. We have years of experience helping athletes find relief from the stresses of their sport.