Stress, both Physical and Mental

Stress and back pain exist in a state of symbiosis: each fuels the other. In a malicious cycle, stress leads to pain which, in turn, leads to more stress. We know that leading a life of high mental stress encourages your muscles to rest in a state of tension rather than relaxation.  Prolonged muscle tension leads to a grab-bag of problems including subluxation, back pain, headaches and high blood pressure.

Chiropractic is a reasonable consideration for people suffering from stress. We focus on correcting misalignment; ensuring that spinal nerves are free of the interference which causes pain and dysfunction. Furthermore, our treatment focuses on releasing the accumulated muscle tension and improving circulation of oxygen and nutrients through the body. Removing pain from the equation makes combating mental stress easier.

At Holmes Chiropractic, we do not proffer a cure all for stress. For example: there is no way we can make your job less stressful. However, our treatment will help you overcome the physical pain caused by stress. We also offer counseling on nutrition and lifestyle adjustments which can make it easier to effectively manage your stress. We want to show you how a balanced spine is an integral part of a stress-free life. Call our office in Houston at (713) 862-2440.

Dr. Randall Holmes, D.C.