tendons and ligaments

Meet Musculoskeletal You: The Difference Between Tendons and Ligaments

Musculoskeletal you is made up of ligaments and tendons, each which serve different purposes

Ligaments attach bones to bones and tendons attach muscles to bones. And while, they serve different purposes, they are composed of the same material: connective tissue made up of densely layered collagen fibers.

  • Ligaments: ligaments connect bones and allow for the healthy articulation of joints. Healthy ligaments maintain support and stabilize joints so that excessive movement doesn’t cause injury.
  • Tendons: connecting muscle to bone is also important for movement as much of the force imparted by movement is transmitted through tendons between muscle and bone. 

Ligaments and tendons are designed for durability, but put either through enough force and they, like the other structures of your body, will give. 

Ligament and tendon injuries in Houston

When the resistance capacity of a ligament or tendon is exceeded by a given force, injury is likely to occur. Injuries to ligament are called sprains, while injuries to tendons are called strains. In both forms of injury the connective tissue is subject to excessive force and as a result, is torn or at least over-stretched. The healing involved in both injuries follows a similar course, including: initial injury, inflammation, cell regrowth and restructuring which tends to grow back as scar tissue. While most injuries will resolve themselves given enough time and attention to rehabilitation, your ligaments and tendons can always use the helping hand of a musculoskeletal specialist.

Healing ligament and tendon injuries in Houston

Our goal as an office of chiropractic is to assist with an efficient rehabilitation of any injury sustained by your ligaments and tendons. Rehabilitation is made easier by maintaining a schedule of movement but you can only move if pain is at a minimum. We focus on maintaining joint mobility despite injuries and use natural modalities to increase circulation and improve the body’s healing response. Our techniques also focus on preventing the adhesion of scar tissue as it regrows in the wake of an injury to ensure optimal movement post-injury. If you are interested in healing ligament or tendon injuries in Houston in a natural, effective manner that strengthens the site to prevent re-injury in the future, give our office a call to schedule an appointment today.