Fitness this christmas houston

Holiday Indulgence without Sacrificing your Fitness Gains

Go ahead and indulge this holiday season 

Indulging is good for the soul; a single slice of pie can bring a measure of happiness that is hard to find elsewhere. But there is such a thing as diminishing returns on each consecutive slice of pie. And while overindulgence is symptomatic of the holiday season, it is always worth keeping things in perspective when it comes to your physical fitness. At Holmes Chiropractic, we are in the business of body balance- and the holiday season is a consistent challenge for the fitness of our patients. Here are some friendly holiday reminders from your chiropractor.

Don’t throw it all away: many people simply stop exercising during the holiday season. 

This serves you a double disadvantage: you lose many of the gains you have made during the year, and you start the coming New Year with a fitness deficit. Instead, use a dose of discipline and readjust your fitness expectations. If you simply don’t have the time to reach your 150-minute-per-week goal of moderate aerobic exercise, focus on getting your fitness in smaller spurts.

Focus on small-scale exercise this holiday season

20 minutes of high-intensity interval training helps your body reap many of the benefits of a longer workout plan; if you are not committed to this level of intensity, try, ‘exercise snacking,’ a relatively new fitness concept that focuses on small intervals of aerobic workout. 10 minutes of jogging around the block upon waking up; a 10 minute yoga session in the office at lunch; and 10 minutes of bodyweight exercising in the evening time. We believe you can find little windows throughout the day to maintain fitness levels despite the hectic holiday schedule. 

A healthy holiday is a happy holiday in Houston

Don’t let your spine take a beating this holiday season- whether due to lack of physical activity, overindulgence in baked goods or a combination of negative factors, it’s up to you to maintain your health throughout the holidays. At our office in Houston, we are standing by to help you overcome holiday-specific risk factors for your spine. We can help you restore balance to your back and hit the ground running as the New Year approaches.