Fitness and Chiropractic

For health nuts and couch surfers alike, the body will thank you for any level of exercise that you choose to input into your health and wellness plan. As we grow older, our body’s need more movement and more targeted exercise to strengthen parts of the body which are vulnerable to injury and degradation. For people suffering from back pain on a regular basis, or those rehabilitating specific injuries, exercise can be used in a purposeful and targeted way to create improvements at a faster pace than if no exercise was undertaken.

At Holmes Chiropractic, we teach stretching and exercise to help people rehab injuries, manage back pain and improve their overall quality of life. 

For low back pain, a lot of emphasis is placed upon increasing core strength: the abdominals, trunk muscles, erector spinae, and other groups of muscles that make your body more resistant to common types of back injuries. But not all conditions will necessarily respond to a strengthening of the core; this is why it is important to get an assessment by a professional to find out which parts of the back and body need to be targeted with specific exercise. 

Learning about body mechanics, especially those of the back, can help you greatly reduce your risk of injury. As with all back injuries and pain, we start small and scale up: the level and intensity of exercise you undertake should be directly tempered by the amount of pain you feel. 

For help on instituting a more individualized work out plan to heal your back fast, give our office in Houston a call at (713) 862-2440. 

Dr. Randall Holmes, D.C.