preventative medicine

Chiropractic is Preventative Medicine

Chiropractic can change the way you think about your health

Chiropractic theory treats the spine as the foundation for wellness. As chiropractors, we do everything in our power to ensure the integrity of that foundation through natural modalities. Along the way, we would like to show you why this is the right way of going about things. Rather than a reactive form of health care, we seek to solve problems at their source before they blossom into something bigger and more troublesome. 

Chiropractic as preventative medicine

The spine is where we specialize. Because the spine provides for communication between brain and body, any problem along the way, from subluxation to more serious injuries including herniation and degenerative disc disease, tends to affect the whole chain of communication. There are many ways to go about treating back pain and chiropractic is considered among the most conservative options. However, because we identify what is actually causing your symptoms and set a plan to treat the specific cause, it is also highly effective. The human body is highly efficient at repairing and rehabilitating itself; sometimes it just needs a helping hand. Chiropractic provides the boost that enables your body to heal itself. 

Chiropractic to live long and live well in Houston

Every decision you make today will affect the way your back feels in old age. At Holmes Chiropractic, we will help you maintain spinal alignment, treat problem areas that are causing you pain with natural modalities and lay a foundation for wellness. Together we can identify lifestyle factors that are undermining your health and turn them into positives. If you are interested in learning more about the chiropractic mindset regarding health, give our office in Houston a call to schedule an appointment today.