An Ergonomic Game Plan For White Collar Workers

Back pain is the number one health complaint among office workers

A big part of this is down to poor ergonomics: because employers rarely care enough to invest the money and set up their workers for success, there is a precedent of poor ergonomics set from the beginning. That means the onus is upon the worker to make themselves aware of how poor ergonomics can actually cause harm to their bodies; carrying on from this, the enlightened worker will take proactive action to prevent back pain and ergonomic injuries.

Ergonomic action at Holmes Chiropractic

At Holmes Chiropractic, our definition of good ergonomics is a work space that puts the spine under the least pressure. Our plan for this involves three-parts:

  • Strengthen the core stabilizing muscles to provide support for the spine.
  • Establish good posture as the norm
  • Optimize the work station to make maintaining good posture easier. 

Ergonomic injuries are most often caused by repetitive trauma: if you work with the same poor posture in the same poorly adjusted work station day after day, trauma is bound to accumulate and eventually cause injury. 

Addressing ergonomic injury at Holmes Chiropractic

If you have already suffered the ill-effects of the workplace, give our office in Houston a call to schedule an appointment today. We address the causes of back pain directly using natural, non-invasive techniques to help your body heal itself more effectively.