A Spine Under Pressure Leads to Subluxation

The downward force of gravity is ever present

No matter what position you are in, or how good your posture, there is still a burden being placed on your spine; as a result of its position in the body, the brunt of this pressure is born by the lumbar segment of your spine. Studies have measured the amount of pressure sustained by intervertebral discs in the lumbar spine of a healthy person which show that: 

  • Lying on your back: ~25kg 
  • Standing upright: ~100kg
  • Sitting upright: ~125kg 

These numbers increase when you do things like lean forward, bear weight, or lift. Because this pressure is ever-present, a common side effect is for the spine to fall out of alignment, a condition known as subluxation.

How to correct subluxation and mitigate the severity of spinal compression

No one said it would be easy: because spinal pressure is constantly accumulating, it takes a constant, proactive approach to undoing the effects of compression to prevent them from compounding into something more serious. At our office in Houston, we use chiropractic adjustment to correct subluxations and restore your spine to proper alignment, thus alleviating potential nerve impingement and the pain that accompanies it. Furthermore, we use decompression modalities to elongate the spine, allowing for a therapeutic stretch of the spinal column that allows for the rehydration of overburdened intervertebral discs. 

Prevent pressure from causing you pain by checking in at Holmes Chiropractic

For workers who sit or stand in one position for extended periods of time, being cognizant and proactive about spinal pressure is all the more important. We can help you find ways to add more movement in to your daily routine to maintain good circulation and keep your core muscles engaged, both of which form an indelible support for an under-pressure lumbar segment. If you are interested in using our services to prevent spinal compression from taking its toll, give our office in Houston a call to schedule an appointment today.