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You Can’t Put a Price on Good Circulation

Circulation is vital

When you work out, either aerobically or by lifting weight, your body responds by increasing blood flow. This increased blood flow, also known as circulation, sends oxygen and nutrients to all parts of the body including vital organs (think the brain), helping them to repair, regrow and function optimally. Let’s look at what inhibits blood circulation and what we, as chiropractors, can do to let the blood flow (circulation-wise). 

Why do we want to increase circulation

With poor circulation, your body is worse off. The effects can be felt or seen in almost every region of the body: from feelings of numbness or swelling in the extremities to conditions including headaches and anxiety; from lack of energy to reduced range of motion. It is important to remember that poor circulation is often a sign of a deeper health problem. It is most often caused by conditions including diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Blood clots will stop blood flow from one part of the body to the other, which can cause stroke and damage arteries. 

How do we help you increase circulation

The first question we should ask is why do we want to help increase your circulation? To help you live your best life: increasing circulation promotes healthy cell growth and organ function. Chiropractic adjustment removes nerve interference and deep tissue massage helps the body send more blood where it is needed. In order to maintain a high level of health deep into old age, we would select circulation as a vital component and an area of your health to which special attention should be paid. If you are interested in finding out more about chiropractic and its role in boosting circulation, give our office in Houston a call to schedule an appointment today.