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With Spinal Health, Posture Leads the Way

Much is written and said about posture

But there is one maxim that we know to be true: poor posture leads to poor health. It doesn’t just make you look bad (at the very least, lacking in confidence), it also sets a tone for which the rest of your body and mind will follow. 

Poor posture:

  • Puts more pressure on your spine
  • Limits spinal joint mobility
  • Causes organ dysfunction
  • Changes the shape of your spine
  • Compresses nerves and causes dysfunction in the nervous system
  • Reduces lung capacity
  • Interferes with brain functioning

If we have not provided enough reasons thus far, rest assured that the list goes on. Understanding the role of posture in not just our spinal health, but our overall wellbeing, is a critical first step in changing the way you sit, stand, sleep and move around.

A posture game plan

From a chiropractic perspective, we tend to focus on item #2 in the list above. Poor posture translates into restricted mobility and that is the jumping off point for so much of the pain and dysfunction we treat at our office in Houston. Poor posture very quickly deteriorates into musculoskeletal imbalance, including spinal misalignment and the corresponding lack of balance in the supporting musculature. Our game plan is to:

  1. Make you aware of posture’s importance in your life
  2. Break you out of poor posture habits
  3. Replace these habits with awareness and good postural habits at all points throughout the day

Why chiropractic is so important for people with poor posture

Chiropractic is an important tool in resolving posture problems. Through spinal adjustments, we help resolve the spinal misalignment that has resulted from poor posture. We then set a course to resolve systemic muscle tension through stretching, exercise and soft tissue therapy. From here, we teach you the tenets of good posture and help motivate you to stay active in support of good posture and even better spinal health. If you are interested in finding out more, give our office in Houston a call to schedule an appointment today.