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Why We Take Stress Seriously

Stress is the glue that holds many problems together

Allowing our lifestyles to run out of control and become dominated by stress is a sure way to leave our bodies and minds vulnerable to the onset of degenerative conditions. Stress is linked with heart disease, headaches, obesity, depression and a whole host of musculoskeletal conditions; this wide-ranging set of conditions shows how stress can be an underlying killer. As we see it, stress is a malevolent glue that remains quiet at the root of much of the pain and many of the conditions we treat here at Holmes Chiropractic. We can’t let the members of our community leave stress unaddressed! Read on to find out about our action plan for dealing with stress.

Changing the way your body and mind handle stress

Your stress is manifested in both physical and mental conditions that feed off each other. Mental stress causes your muscles to tighten defensively; when such a level of stress is allowed to remain chronically elevated, the tightening of your muscles also becomes chronic, pulling your spine out of alignment. Nerve impingement, herniated discs, and sciatica are common outcomes, all of which cause debilitating pain that then feeds back into the stress cycle. Eliminating one input of the stress- the pain- is a good first step toward climbing back from the brink of a stressed out lifestyle. Such a sophisticated enemy calls for a coordinated response.

Our stress treatment plan

At our office in Houston, we have helped individuals in our community deal with stress for decades. Stress is undoubtedly a unique experience for every person and therefore requires a unique response. We offer treatments including chiropractic adjustment and soft tissue therapy to help you address the physical pain, and then help you make simple lifestyle adjustments regarding diet, exercise and stress management to change the way you interpret stress. Stress does not deserve a primary role in your life- if you are interested in reducing stress levels and living a better life, give our office in Houston a call to schedule an appointment today.