Why Should I Care About Posture?

Having excellent posture is not something that happens overnight or instantaneously. It’s an active process, which might include addressing some bad habits, not to mention holding yourself accountable to sitting and standing up with your spine in alignment and your head looking straight forward a large majority of the time. This is easier said than done due to the fact that we live with devices that make it easy to crane our necks, slouch, or worse.

Below, Holmes Chiropractic goes over a few reasons why you should care about posture and how it fits in to your overall health.

Keeping the Passageways Open

If you’re using poor posture, slouching your back, and craning your neck downward, this can really mess with your sinuses and your respiratory system, which can really affect your breathing and oxygen intake, which will have health consequences. Keeping good posture and stretching will open up your passageways.

Your Spine Health is Important!

Keeping your spine in line is important and spine misalignment can cause headaches, tension, numbness, pain, and more. Many of our body’s most important processes are deeply connected to the spine and our body’s alignment, such as our immune system, or GI system, and our central nervous system.

Good Posture Keeps You in the Game

When you incorporate good posture you’re engaging your core and building strength in your body while at the same time avoiding the wear and tear that comes along with breaking your posture. Posture is hugely important when it comes to balance as well, which you pretty much need for any sport.

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