postural strength

Why is Postural Strength Important?

Postural strength makes for a more comfortable life

Whether you are endlessly active or frequently sedentary, postural muscles are a cornerstone of keeping you pain free; therefore, whether you are a gym rat or a more low key homebody, your workout routine should include a focus on maintaining and strengthening the postural muscles. But what are the muscles that matter for postural strength? There are two main groups: 

  • Postural muscles: these muscles are always active, even when you have been sitting without a shred of movement for hours. These muscles are located deep in the body, between the pelvis and abdomen, as well as all the muscles which attach to the spine. These muscles often become tight from overuse.
  • Phasic muscles: responsible for strength and initiating movement, muscles like the abdominals and glutes often become weak from lack of use.

The essential imbalance between tight postural muscles and weak phasic muscles leaves your body at risk for pain and dysfunction. 

Postural strength means a longer life

Our goal at Holmes Chiropractic is to work with you to restore balance to this interconnected system of postural and phasic muscles. We begin by restoring alignment to the spine through spinal adjustment which improves range of motion, reduces pain and increases circulation. From here, we focus on stretching the over-worked and tight postural muscles and strengthening the under-worked and weak phasic muscles that will lend support to the postural muscles. In this way, we can effect improvements on your postural awareness, strength and well-being. If you are interested in working together to create a game plan for improving postural strength, give our office in Houston a call to schedule an appointment today.