Why Hydrate?

When it comes to staying hydrated throughout the day, surprisingly few Americans are able to accomplish this on a consistent basis. Below, Holmes Chiropractic goes over the benefits of staying hydrated — which means drinking something close to half your total body weight in ounces of water each 24-hour stretch.

First, drinking the right amount of water throughout the day will help your joints stay lubricated, which will help you at your job and whenever you decide to get active. Dehydration will make your body feel shriveled up like a prune, which will make it more difficult and even more painful to go through your daily motions.

Dehydration can also cause headaches of varying intensity, which can dampen anyone’s mood and lead to sleep problems.

Drinking the requisite amount of water we need each day will help your internal organs function in the best way possible, which will have you feeling better and more positive on a daily basis.

Staying hydrated is one way to create a healthy foundation and so is chiropractic treatment, which will help address most of the problems we’ve mentioned above. Contact Holmes Chiropractic today to learn about how we’re providing our essential treatments while observing COVID-19 guidelines handed down from CDC.