cooling down

What About Cooling Down?

While secondary in importance, cooling down post-exercise is a great way to finish off your work out 

Cooling down helps us transition from the intensity of working out to the slower pace of relaxing and going about your day. If your work out is a fluid story, then the cool down is the feel-good ending, where you revel in a state of raised endorphin release. But before you rush off to shower, or on to the next activity, take a second to practice deep breathing and perform a few gentle stretches.

Cool down stretches

The stretching involved in the post work-out period is of a more static nature than the warm up. Because your muscles have already been put through some form of movement beyond the norm, we want to focus on lowering the heart rate and gently stretching the parts of the body which may have incurred stress during the workout, especially the lower back, hips and shoulders. Exercises including the child’s pose, piriformis stretch and reclining twist are low key movements that relieve any lingering pressure and help you relax.

At Holmes Chiropractic, we help you feel your greatest, no matter the activity. 

It makes sense that if you are experiencing pain your likelihood for exercising is lower. We want to help you overcome any physical limitations that are gumming up your fitness plan. Through chiropractic adjustment, we help keep the spine aligned and the nervous system functioning correctly- this goes along way to stop pain signals resulting from nerve impingement. By working on proper body mechanics and treating tense muscles, we keep your chance for injury low and your motivation on the upswing!

Dr. Randall Holmes, D.C.