Try These Low-Impact Exercises

As we start out the year many of us are hitting the pavement and taking on rigorous exercise routines to either get in or stay in shape. Below, Holmes Chiropractic goes over a few low-impact workouts that will be easier on your spine and joints than other modes of exercising, like running, playing basketball, football, etc.


Swimming can be an excellent workout and it’s far better for your joints than running. You can mix up cardio and strength training in the pool as well.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is great for your back and doesn’t have the high impact qualities that many popular sports do — that is when you practice rock climbing safely and effectively.


Paddleboarding is a great activity for your core muscle group. This activity is generally done in lakes and large bodies of water, so it’s likely ideal to engage in this exercise in warmer weather.

Even if your workout includes high-impact exercise, that’s okay, too, because Holmes Chiropractic is here to straighten you out if your spine ever gets out of line. We also provide treatments that improve your range of flexibility, help promote healthy sleep, reduce anxiety, optimize your body and brain, and more! Contact us today to schedule your consultation.