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Treating Pulled Back Muscles

Muscle strains and sprains: painful, but preventable

Muscle strains and sprains are among the most common back injuries in our adult population. Symptoms include dull aching, stiffness and tenderness and indicate that soft tissues in the back have become overstretched. While the pain remains localized, it will feel better when resting and worse when in motion. The typical progression of a strain or sprain will involve a continuance of symptoms with the addition of inflammation; most injuries resolve themselves in a matter of days to weeks. And while they are low on the scale of severity, and respond well to treatment, they can give us indicators into the overall state of your back and spinal health.

A strain is a sign 

Especially when they become chronic, muscle strains indicate that the muscles which support your spine are in need of conditioning. At our office in Houston, you will receive a comprehensive diagnosis of your spine that includes diagnostic imaging if deemed necessary. This helps us determine points of subluxation, instability and weakness that leave you vulnerable to muscle strains and sprains. Imbalance in the musculature surrounding the spine can often cause an overuse/underuse syndrome in which one side is overstressed while the other weakens from lack of use. Resolving these imbalances is a signal way of identifying and correcting potential spinal injuries before they occur. 

The start of a healthier spine 

Muscle strains are a sign that something isn’t quite right. Resolving them as soon as possible and determining why they happened in the first place will help you prevent them from recurring. But taking this action will also help prevent simple strains and sprains from turning into something more serious down the line. Take your spinal health into your own hands today by calling our office in Houston and scheduling an appointment.