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This Vacation, Go Back-Pain Free

Don’t let your vacation be remembered for back pain and discomfort

If you have a pre-existing spinal condition, chances are that the thought of being in transit doesn’t fill you with joy. The hours of sitting, lack of activity, lack of sleep, and changes in dietary and hydration patterns all conspire to leave your spine in a stiffer and more vulnerable condition. But rather than accepting this lying down, you need to be all the more proactive about taking care of your beleaguered back. 

Taking up the fight for your spine 

Step 1 is not foregoing motion completely. Even though you will be restricted in terms of physical space to move around in, you can still exercise some degree of independence. In a train or a plane you are perfectly entitled to stretch in the aisle space or by the bathrooms without shame or fear of judgment! In a car, you will need to pull over and take significant 5-10 minute (or longer) breaks to allow your spine the time it needs to move, rehydrate and release tension. You may also consider bringing a travel pillow to support your lower back and neck. A final consideration is to hydrate as much as you can- hydration offers natural lubrication for your spinal joints and ensures better blood circulation. 

Seeing your chiropractor before traveling 

If you have real concerns about your comfort while traveling, please pay us a call at our office in Houston. We can help you design an action plan that will minimize discomfort and maximize wellness during your travels.