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The Deep-Rooted Causes of Sporting Injuries

When we suffer sports injuries, where do we assign blame?

It is easy to point to faulty footwear or old equipment, but the truth is that the majority of sports injuries are entirely preventable. The expression, “leave it all on the field,” signals that athletes demand a lot from their bodies, often taking out more than they put in. The most common sports injuries that we treat involve strains and sprains. These injuries are the culmination of your body reaching a breaking point, and that breaking point is likely due to a number of factors both internal and external. So we ask: is that breaking point avoidable? Our job at Holmes Chiropractic is to help you exercise the greatest degree of control over the factors within your body. 

The underlying factors beneath sports injuries

The breaking point we have identified above is usually due to a combination of factors including: 

  • Systemic misalignment
  • Compromised flexibility
  • Poor biomechanics and posture
  • Muscular imbalance or lack of strength in the musculature

These factors are pre-existing within the body, and are then tipped over into injury by an external factor such as an excessive twist or an awkward landing. That means that what appears as an “acute injury,” is actually a part of a greater trend of repetitive wear and tear. At our office in Houston, we focus on identifying such things as misalignment, poor range of motion and posture to help prevent these pre-existing problems from causing injury.

Chiropractic for athletes in Houston

Chiropractic keeps you ahead of injury by focusing on the relationship of an acute injury in the context of your entire body. Systemic stresses play a role in every acute injury that you suffer: by exercising control over your body’s internal conditions, we prevent the breaking point from becoming a reality. If you are interested in using chiropractic to improve sports performance and avoid injury, give our office in Houston a call to schedule an appointment today.