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Take the Pain Out of Your Workday

Excuses are over

Chances are this post finds you slouching in your chair trying to relieve stiffness that has come from sitting upright in your chair. And while it may feel good in the moment, this is the wrong way to go about things. “But its human nature to seek comfort!” I hear you arguing- to which I have more than a few refutations. To begin with, sitting is not human nature- we were made bipedal for a reason and that was to make us more effective movers. By not moving for 10 hours a day, your body and spine are adjusting to a “new normal,” that is anything but good for you. 

Stop perpetuating that pain 

By alternating between sitting upright and slouching (getting lower in your chair), you may be finding a temporary reprieve from the stiffness, but it is actually perpetuating your pain and stiffness. The key is to take regular breaks to stretch and move. Every time you feel that impulse to slide lower in your chair, temper it by choosing to stand up and do a few stretches. Take a walk to the water fountain and hydrate before returning to your desk and resume sitting upright. Rather than slouching, roll up your sweater and put it behind your back and roll your shoulders to release tension. 

Release pain from your workday

If the pain and stiffness has been accumulating and is causing you noticeable discomfort, pay a visit to your Houston chiropractor. There is a good chance that an adjustment, along with some proactive stretching and simple lifestyle adjustments will be able to save you from a future of chronic back pain and dysfunction. Give our office a call to schedule an appointment today.