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Spinal Health: Killer Habits vs. Habits That Kill

We all know we could take better care of our spines

But on the other hand, we are humans and thus it is easy to procrastinate. We are really good at ignoring the pain and stiffness that has set into our spines over the years. But take it from a chiropractor, the stakes have never been higher. Do you really want to be someone who starts taking spinal health seriously after their spine has succumbed to a serious, degenerative injury or condition? That is the reality for so many Americans, who neglect their spine for decades before it finally says, That’s it, no more. From that point forward that person’s life will be, at least partially, defined by a struggle for spinal health. We urge you to take a look at your lifestyle and determine which habits are holding you back from achieving maximum spinal health.

What are your unhealthiest habits?

Let’s do a quick brainstorm:

  • Poor posture
  • Avoiding exercise
  • Exercising incorrectly
  • Using your phone all the time
  • Wearing unsupportive shoes
  • Neglecting office ergonomics
  • Riding an unsupportive bike
  • Not stretching
  • Letting stress accumulate
  • Overeating
  • Choosing bad ingredients

The list goes on. While we stop short of adding “not seeing a chiropractor” to this list, it is worth mentioning that spinal health truly is a struggle; to have a musculoskeletal professional watching your back can be an indelible aid. While we don’t want you to change your lifestyle completely, we want you to realize when your actions take a negative toll on your spine. And if you are ready to make a change, we are standing by to facilitate that! We have decades of experience helping the members of our Houston community make positive changes in their spinal health. Give our office a call to schedule an appointment today.