Sleep and Stay Happy

How can we define healthy sleep? A period of rest, recovery and reprieve. The stresses of the day melt away into a dreamscape that brings serenity and rejuvenation to minds that are often caught up in the fast pace of the daytime. For too many people, this is not their reality: sleep is a struggle, to fall and to stay asleep, to switch the mind off and forget about the day gone by and the one to come, is an impossibility. There are myriad factors, some physical, some mental, some emotional and some completely intangible, that contribute to a good night’s sleep. What is known is that a healthy sleep life means a happy waking life. 

Benefits of regular, restful sleep:

  • Better cognitive function 
  • Less stress
  • Longer life
  • Improved immunity
  • Improved memory
  • Better athletic performance
  • Healthier weight with less fluctuation

As rates of sleeplessness soar, so to does the rate of prescription and over-the-counter remedies which propound themselves as a cure all that delivers the above benefits, while the side-effects are kept in small print and rarely discussed. At Holmes Chiropractic, we want to offer you a natural, alternative path: to focus on fixing pre-existing physical limitations and changing your lifestyle to create a more healthy sleep program. 

Chiropractic works to help you by regulating blood circulation and correcting misaligned vertebrae. Essentially, we ensure that your body is in conducive shape for sleeping by regulating the nervous system, the network for communication between brain and body. From here, we help you evaluate your lifestyle and find things that may be holding you back from a good night’s sleep such as too much of the wrong food before bed or too much electronic exposure in the pre-sleep hours.

Everyone deserves a good night’s sleep; let’s start changing your sleep health for the better today. Call our office in Houston at (713) 862-2440. 

Dr. Randall Holmes, D.C.