Sciatica houston

Saying Goodbye to Sciatica in Houston

Why wait so long to do something about your sciatica?

The most effective way to overcome sciatica is to do something about it the second you suspect you are suffering. The earlier we catch and detect the problem, the easier it is for our action plan to address and solve the underlying problem. Letting sciatica symptoms linger, hoping they will get better by themselves, can lead you down a road of further complications as the problems compound. 

Sciatica requires serious action

Our plan for overcoming sciatica involves optimizing your body’s innate healing abilities. We start by addressing the source of the problem; whether it be nerve compression caused by subluxation, herniated disc, piriformis syndrome, or something more serious, a full physical examination helps us pinpoint the cause of your sciatic nerve pain. From here we set in motion a four-part plan for rehabiliation that includes:

  • Spinal adjustment to alleviate nerve compression 
  • Deep tissue therapy to encourage circulation and healing
  • Corrective stretching and exercise to strengthen the region against reinjury. 
  • Teaching improved posture and biomechanics to add stability to your spine and further prevent reinjury.

Getting you excited about solving your sciatica

Your sciatica symptoms are specific to you- let’s work together to create an individualized plan for treatment that takes into account your unique health profile. Our number one priority at Holmes Chiropractic is keeping you upright and able as you move forward in life. Overcoming your sciatic nerve pain is an essential objective in this quest; if you are interested in healing your sciatica naturally, give our office in Houston a call to schedule an appointment today.