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Protecting Your Spine Against Osteoporosis

Protecting the members of our community who live with bone loss in the spine

When it affects the bones in the back, osteoporosis becomes one of the most serious spinal conditions in the human experience. Even simple motions like giving a hug come with the potential to cause a broken bone in the spine. With this in mind, being proactive about strengthening and stretching the muscles that support the spine is of signal importance. However, any plan for exercising with osteoporosis must be undertaken with an immense amount of care and consideration. At Holmes Chiropractic, we help people with osteoporosis care for their spines by developing exercise plans that avoid potentially hazardous movements and maximize the strength of the supporting musculature.

What to avoid with osteoporosis

Anyone with bone loss in the spine should take special care to avoid the following movements:

  • Twisting at the torso
  • Bending forward from the waist
  • Lifting and carrying heavy objects
  • Crunches, sit-ups or toe touches 

In effect, any movement that excessively compresses the spine should be avoided. At our office in Houston, we help people with osteoporosis focus on what matters for easing their condition: strengthening the supportive musculature. While taking care to avoid compression, we teach movements that condition the muscles which help hold you upright. As any health provider trained in treating osteoporosis should, we place an emphasis on keeping the spine straight and upright while also maintaining pliability and range of motion in the muscles that support the spine. The erector spinae muscles run length wise up the back and side of your spine and form an important part of the protection network that mitigates the severity of spinal osteoporosis. 

No choice but to take osteoporosis seriously

At our office in Houston, we have helped many members of our community manage their osteoporosis symptoms to make life more livable despite the condition. We can show you the movements that matter to strengthen your spine against such a deleterious condition- give our office a call to schedule an appointment today.