Protecting the Golfer’s Spine with Chiropractic

Golf is full of unique challenges for your spinal health

Golf is a much more physical sport than it gets credit for- the bio-mechanics involved in a single swing are enough to boggle the mind. It requires an intense coordination between your musculoskeletal and nervous systems to propel a little white ball through the air with distance and accuracy. Shoulders, wrists, spinal joints, hips and ankles are all the joints whose motion must be coordinated to provide a fluid swing. And when you factor in practice swings, you may be performing this motion at varying levels of intensity hundreds of times per round! Then you factor in things like bending over to tee up, marking your ball, moving debris; lifting, setting down and carrying a golf bag long distances; when you think about it, the movements all add up! So how do we keep our backs strong against a sport that is particularly deleterious for our spines? 

Areas of focus for chiropractors in the game of golf 

At our office in Houston, we treat many a golfer who is looking to avoid injury and increase performance on the course. Chiropractic is perfectly suited to this sport because of its focus on using natural modalities to regulate nervous system function and improve musculoskeletal health. Here are the particular areas of focus for chiropractic in the game of golf:

  • Spinal alignment: full range of motion in the spinal and shoulder joints is vital to an effective golf swing. We use manual adjustments to maintain alignment and improve systemic ROM. 
  • Nervous system function: the golf swing requires a high level of motor control. Motor control requires unhindered nervous system function- by alleviating pressure from spinal nerves, we achieve this effect. 
  • Core strength: the core muscles are necessary for stabilizing the transfer of forces involved in an aggressive rotating movement such as the golf swing. Specific core strengthening exercises and stretches minimize your risk for injury.

Add the support of chiropractic to your golf game today

If you are looking to improve your level of performance on the course, chiropractic is one of the best ways to get started. We design individualized treatment plans for golfers to help them prevent specific risk factors from getting in the way of their pursuit of perfection on the golf course. Give our office a call to schedule an appointment today.