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Preventing Back Pain on the Bike

The coincidence of biking and back pain

Why does an activity that brings joy and boosts health also cause back pain? The answer lies in the mechanical nature of the sport; and this is particularly prevalent because back pain can strike any biker at any age. In fact, at our office in Houston, we are seeing more young bikers than ever coming in complaining of back pain. These perfectly fit, regularly active individuals are experiencing back pain from a sport that is supposed to be helping prevent it. Let’s identify the most important factors for preventing back pain on a bike.

Back pain from biking? You’re not alone

The number one factor is an ill-fitting bike. We couldn’t find a specific statistic for it, but we are willing to bet that as many as 50% of all bikers are riding around on a bike that isn’t right for their body. Why does this matter? Because it causes your body to work harder, and assume less natural positions to propel you forward. A bike that is too small may cause you to hunch over too much and not activate the leg muscles properly; conversely, a bike that is too big may overstretch the arms and legs in their attempt to keep you pedaling. When you then combine this with lack of flexibility, lack of mobility in the spinal joints and poor spinal alignment, you have a perfect recipe for back pain. So what’s the solution?

Resolving back pain from biking in Houston

At Holmes Chiropractic, we work with you to create a plan that will help you ride more effectively and feel less pain. Accepting the fact that we can’t control what bike you ride, we can help you identify and correct muscular imbalances, particularly in the core and leg muscles; resolve spinal misalignment and dysfunction in the spinal joints; and help you improve your posture while biking. In other words, by changing your riding style, we can prevent back pain from being a part of your cycling life. Give us a call in Houston to schedule an appointment today.