Olympic Team USA Had An Official Chiropractor

Some will probably say that it was just a coincidence, but the USA’s best ever showing in a Winter Olympics was the first year that the team officially had a chiropractor as part of their sports medicine team. An Ohio chiropractor, Dr. Robin Hunter was appointed as the official and sole Doctor of Chiropractic on the United States sports medicine team for the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. She is the first Chiropractor ever appointed to a U.S. Winter Olympic team. In additon to Dr. Hunter the team consisted of 14 MDs, 12 trainers, and a massage therapist.

Dr. Hunter a practicing chiropractor for 17 years from Columbus, Ohio, said, “We worked elbow-to-elbow in a clinic in the Olympic village, with people in and out all day, and it was fantastic!” She added, “The fundamental principles of our profession apply so well to athletics. Correcting biomechanical faults and misalignments, and treating injuries with hands-on work, so that the athletes can return to play faster and better, is what sports chiropractic care is all about.” She concluded by saying, “It’s truly overwhelming to represent our country and profession. I have a deep sense of pride when touring Salt Lake City and the Olympic Village with the Team USA uniform on.”