Most Common Sports for Knee Injuries

At Holmes Chiropractic many of our patients seek treatment for back and neck injuries, but we also see patients who experience leg injuries as well. Chiropractic care treatments have been shown to be beneficial to the body in numerous ways, a drug-free pain management solution and a means of correcting your body when it’s all out of whack.

Many of our patients experience back injuries while engaged in athletics, but knee injuries are also extremely prevalent in sports.

Below are some of the sports where athletes commonly experience knee injuries.


If a player gets injured on the court, chances are it’s going to be the player’s knee, leg, or ankle. We’ve seen players tear their ACL and MCL, not to mention snap their Achilles tendon. We’ve even seen players break their shins from the wear and tear of running, jumping, and landing.

Karate/MMA/Muay Thai

Combat sports are also super hard on the knees. Many kickboxing, karate, and MMA champions have experienced knee surgeries as a result of the repetitive motion of kicking, not to mention leglocks and grappling.


Football’s open field running and tackling leave your legs and knees especially susceptible to injury.

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