More on Advanced Biostructural Chiropractic

Advanced Biostructural Chiropractic has to do with restoring the spine, giving it the structure it was meant to have all along. ABC is effective in a way that other chiropractic techniques due to its enhanced immediacy and its progressive nature, meaning your spine will get better and better over time.

Feel Better After Just One Adjustment!

You’ll start to feel a difference after your very first adjustment. Your body will feel more balanced, light, centered, almost like you’re floating.

The Intricacies of ABC

If your vertebra gets pushed forward, there are no muscles that can pull your vertebra back to the center as there are on the sides of your body. So any sort of trauma that pushed your vertebra forward could be lingering with you still. 

ABC is a cutting-edge system that analyzes and adjusts your spine and body over time. ABC inspires the body to recover, release, and unwind from previous injuries or distortions. First, we’ll check and release tension trapped in the meningeal system. We then gently adjust stuck-forward vertebrae (anterior), allowing the spine to unwind itself backward in a more posterior and normalized direction again.

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