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Modifying Your Weightlifting Routine to Account for Back Pain

Back pain does not mean the end of the weight room for you

Weight lifting is a boon for people with back pain- when done correctly, it increases the ability of your muscles to support your spine, makes you less injury prone and improves function across the board. Strength is a critical piece of wellness that benefits back pain sufferers no end. There is a balance, however; you must always maintain awareness of the state of your spine and its capacity for weight-bearing activities. For this reason, if you are balancing back pain and weight lifting, it is critical that you receive an examination by a primary care provider or spinal health care specialist such as a chiropractor. We are trained, qualified, and vastly experienced in helping weight lifters determine an appropriate amount of activity based on a diagnostic picture of their spine. 

Advice for lifting with back pain

  • Always use a spotter
  • Consider less weight and more repetitions, which has the added benefit of increasing endurance.
  • Machines are generally more advisable than free weights
  • Weightlifting belts can help you maintain better posture while lifting

Keeping you healthy in the weight room

The benefit to seeing a chiropractor is that you will receive individually-tailored advice based on an examination of your specific spine. We can work together to create a plan that will allow you to continue your visits to the weight room, with far less possibility of incurring a debilitating injury. If you are interested in working together to increase strength and protect your spine simultaneously, give our office in Houston a call to schedule an appointment today.