Low-Key Ways to Practice Mindfulness While at Work

In today’s grind culture it seems like everyone we know is somewhat on the go, and the same might be true for you as you read this article right now. Mindfulness might seem like something of a luxury when you’re grinding away at that 9-5 plus, but, the truth is, you have to set aside the time to take care of your mind just like you would any other part of your body.

At work, it might seem like an impossible task to be anything but highly productive, but Holmes Chiropractic would like to throw out a few ideas that will help you get to your zen place — even while you’re in the middle of your work day and your workweek.

First, if you get any type of short break beside a lunch break, utilize this for a mindfulness exercise. Sit at your computer and try some positive visualization, or maybe just focus on your breathing and counting slowly to ten over and over until ten or fifteen minutes have passed — you’ll be surprised at how good and relaxed you feel.

If there are any errands to run at work or odd jobs to engage in, be the first to volunteer yourself. You’ll be showing your boss some of that all-important initiative, but, also, working on a menial task or going on some type of run will give you time to practice mindfulness. 

Lastly, that bathroom break you take every now and then is a perfect opportunity to get into the right headspace. Take a few extra moments to go on a thought experiment or a brief meditation. Think about your loved ones, your ancestors, and how they all came together so that you can be here right now. It’s a great way to put things into perspective!

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