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Letting Go of Systemic Shoulder and Neck Tension

Systemic tension in the upper back, neck and shoulders…

…is indicative of being an adult in America. Our lifestyles breed tension in upper body, particularly in the neck and shoulders, and particularly if you work in front of a computer. Now let’s be honest: are you someone who tends to ignore stiffness in the neck and shoulder region, opting instead to just get on with your work. This behavior is also indicative of being an adult in America, where we are often to busy to cater to our sore points. But trust the experts here at Holmes Chiropractic- ignoring this tension is a textbook way to end up with spinal degeneration that will cause you a lot more problems down the line. So let’s avoid ever reaching this point in the first place, by using simple, daily stretches to release shoulder and neck tension. 

An hourly stretch to improve tension in the upper back, neck and shoulders

You may be surprised by how simple this sounds, but we recommend doing neck rolls and shoulder rolls on the hour every hour. It will only take 1-2 minutes in total, and we are hoping that you have this much time to give! 

  • Start with neck rolls: sit up straight and lower your ear to your right shoulder; now gently roll your neck by bringing your chin down toward your chest until your left ear is over your left shoulder. Repeat back and forth, gently, 10 times. 
  • Shoulder rolls: sit up straight; rotate your shoulders forward in a gentle, rhythmic motion 10 times; now reverse the motion and rotate your shoulders backwards 10 times. 

If you can consistently implement these stretches throughout the day, we are willing to bet you will notice a significant improvement in the tension that defines your neck and shoulder region. This is a smart solution for keeping your spine healthy despite the incursions of your job. If you are interested in more smart solutions for spinal health, schedule a time to talk with us by give our office a call today!