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Learning to Listen to your Body Again

How easy is your body to ignore?

Drinking water, stretching regularly, remembering to exercise; in this busy world of ours, our healthy habits are often the first to fly out the window. Our smart phones, in the interest of optimizing our lives, notify us when it’s time to take a break from the computer, replenish our hydration or get up and stretch; it can lead us in these activities and keep track of our progress. In short, we can absolve ourselves of the responsibility of listening to our bodies. But the question is, if you were already ignoring your body to begin with, can’t you just as easily ignore a cell phone? 

Now how often do you ignore pain signals?

This whole scenario becomes more dangerous when our body is trying to tell us it is in pain. Pain is a warning, a transmission from a certain part of the body to the brain that tells us to slow down in the interest of not injuring ourselves further. But humans are amazingly resilient, and many of us can hardly afford to let pain slow us down. So we push through, often to the point of injury. Say your back is already stiff and sore from hours in an office chair. You are aware of this, but you don’t have time to stretch or take a break. Now say you need to go grab a box of something heavy from the break room. Ignoring your better instinct, you quickly bend from the waist and lift with your back, and feel a sharp pain. Such an injury could well have been avoided by listening to your body. A minute of stretching here can save you weeks (months, or even years), of recovery time in the future. 

Listen to your body and take preventative measures to keep it healthy

At Holmes Chiropractic, we are in the business of helping people better listen to their bodies. Many of our jobs and lifestyles set our backs up for injury- unless you choose to do something proactive about it, you are leaving yourself vulnerable. We want to help you recognize and act on pain signals to avoid the kind of life-altering injuries that accure from ignoring your body. Give our office in Houston a call to schedule an appointment and let’s start listening again!