Kids And Chiropractic Down Under

From the June 7, 2003 issue of the Australian newspaper “The Advertiser” comes an article that features children and chiropractic. The article begins with, “Chiropractic, long perceived as the cracking of bones is becoming increasingly popular for babies.”

Dr. Paula Stacey, state president of the Australian Chiropractors’ Association is quoted, “Babies can’t tell you they’ve got a headache or a sore neck”. She notes that chiropractors provided gentle adjustment to the head and spine of newborns and also recommended regular maintenance visits. “They get born,” Dr. Stacey said. “The birthing process, coming down the birth canal, can be quite traumatic.” She continues, “If the spine is in ideal alignment, you’ve got the best chance of the nervous system sending the messages as they should be sent.”

Patient Hope Deane, said she first took her daughter Ruby to the chiropractor about two months after her birth. Now, Ruby goes for a “tune up” once per month. She explains her reason by saying, “Young ones crash all the time, or they land in funny ways, or sleep in funny ways. We’re stopping the problems before they start, rather than looking for short-term results. She hasn’t been sick. Maybe that’s helping her stay healthy.”