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Is your Office Chair Killing You Slowly?

Office chairs (for the most part) are bad for your health

The life of a desk worker is not filled with the perils of, say, a 49th floor window cleaner, but the hazards inherent with desk work are more insidious. But the good news is that as a culture we are now aware of the side effects of sitting all the time. For people who suffer from already existing back pain, the office chair can almost seem like a torture device, so we’ve brainstormed some ways to make your time on the job a little less painful. 

An office chair survival guide 

  • Consult our good sitting posture guide here
  • Perform posture checks all the time (whenever the thought strikes you). Wiggle your shoulders and reset posture regularly. 
  • Support your lower back: with a cushion or a rolled up jacket- any material will do to add support to your lumbar region. 
  • Use a headset: if you conduct a lot of work on the telephone, consider using a headset to encourage you to stay sitting upright. 
  • Schedule your breaks: write them down, set an alarm in your phone and obey! 

To actually combat pain in your office chair:

  • Alternate ice packs and heat
  • Massage yourself: sit up straight, arch your back and apply gentle pressure to areas that feel sore. 
  • Perform back stretches: many of which can be done without moving, or subtly while you continue working. 
  • Don’t neglect your hamstrings: hamstrings tighten as you sit and create a pull on the lower back. 

At our office in Houston, we are on the front line in the fight against the damage wreaked by office chairs and a sit-heavy lifestyle. Give our office a call to start healing your pain at the root of the condition today. 

Dr. Randall Holmes, D.C.