Health of the Lumbar

Perhaps the most thought of region when it comes to back pain is the lumbar. Five cylindrical bones form the spine of the lower back and support all of the body’s weight while providing flexibility and range of motion. However, a key task of the lumbar is also to provide stability and not allow extreme movement that will damage the body. Because of this, the lumbar are among the heaviest bones in the spine, (only the sacral vertebrae are heavier) and among the most vulnerable to damage.

Diverging from the lumbar vertebrae are networks of nerves that influence the mechanics of the body, including the hips and knees. The low back is vulnerable because of the weight it supports as we grow, but it’s burden is compounded by counterproductive habits such as poor posture, lack of strength and the idea that the spine is just one long bone. For example, much of the burden to the lumbar can be reduced by using the thoracic vertebrae properly and performing heavy weight lifting with the legs and not the back.

No treatment will truly end back pain forever by itself. It takes a concerted effort by you and whichever back care professional you choose. At Holmes Chiropractic, we offer you the expertise and treatment that will address your particular condition at its source. Besides ensuring the alignment of your spine through the lumbar region, we help people by preaching prevention: the actions you can take to strengthen muscles, sit and stand properly, and optimize the mechanical advantage of your back. 

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Dr. Randall Holmes, D.C.