Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger Speaks At Chiropractic Event

For the sixteenth consecutive year, global superstar and now California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger was the highlight of the Symposium on Natural Fitness organized by the International Chiropractors Association (ICA), held February 29-March 1, 2008 in Columbus, Ohio.

Each year, the chiropractic event is held in conjunction with the Arnold Schwarzenegger Fitness Weekend and Sports Festival. This event, known by many as simply, “The Arnold”, is the biggest fitness festival in the world with over 15,000 athletes competing in over 30 different sports competitions, many of which are conducted at the Olympic level.

Governor Schwarzenegger is a vigorous advocate of chiropractic care for people of all ages and even holds an honorary chiropractic degree from Cleveland Chiropractic College. The Governor personally spoke to the Chiropractors and other attendees at the symposium about his own experience with chiropractic. He credits the care he has received throughout the years for his success in bodybuilding and for his ability to maintain such a rigorous public service, travel and appearance schedule.

Governor Schwarzenegger told the chiropractic audience, “As Governor, you have a chance every day to help people. This is what we have in commonWe are friends of chiropractors because chiropractors are dealing with health, fitness, strength and energyThat’s what chiropractors are all about, helping people, to make them strong and fit and get their lives back together. Here we are now in our 16th year of partnership and I just wanted to tell you how proud we are of all of you, and how happy we are that we have joined together in this great program.”

Governor Schwarzenegger also spoke about his own personal experience with chiropractic, telling the audience: “I have been the beneficiary of chiropractic for many years, and many of you know Dr. Franco Columbu, a great body builder and good friend. I watched him go through chiropractic college, studying hard to be a great chiropractor, and I know from personal experience what great care you take of people. Also, my whole family has had the benefit of chiropractors and we are all grateful for what you are able to do.

Held annually in Columbus, Ohio in conjunction with the Arnold Fitness Festival, the ICA Natural Fitness Symposium focuses on the close relationship between chiropractic, fitness and health. In a March 10, 2008 release on the symposium by the ICA they note, “Chiropractic offers athletes in all sports and of all levels of ability a natural, drug-free way to enhance peak performance, prevent injury and sustain a demanding training schedule.”