Chiropractic for golf houston

Golfing your Best Game with Chiropractic

Golf places unique stresses on the body

Golf is an excellent sport for promoting mental and physical wellbeing; it is an opportunity to challenge yourself while still offering plenty of opportunity for social interaction. But whether you are playing against yourself or a competitor, don’t underestimate the golf swing- it is one of the most stressful motions for the spine and as such the game of golf presents unique challenges for spinal health. By understanding the biomechanics of the golf swing, we can improve our level of performance on the course while preventing injuries and spinal degeneration. 

The unique stresses inherent in the golf swing

A single swing contains a lot of moving parts, and that’s before you factor in all the walking, bending and lifting involved in a typical round of golf. There are:

  • Twists and turns that stress the spinal joints
  • Ballistic movements that place an inordinate amount of stress on the upper extremities, especially the shoulders. 
  • Generating power from the hips also generates stress in the lower back and sacroiliac jointS

These movements combine to create both local and systemic stresses throughout the body. When these stresses accumulate, we are vulnerable to spinal degeneration and injury. At Holmes Chiropractic, we believe in taking a more proactive approach to spinal wellness on the golf course. 

How chiropractic aids golfers in Houston

The golf swing demands full mobility in the majority of your weight-bearing joints. From the spinal joints, to the ball-and-socket joints in the shoulders and hips, full range of motion is essential for an effective swing; it is also essential for preventing injury in these joints due to excessive motion. At our office in Houston, we put together golf-specific treatment plans that utilize chiropractic modalities to improve range of motion and prevent injury. Spinal adjustment maintains alignment in the spine and encourages full range of motion in the spinal joints, which helps:

  • Improve accuracy and distance 
  • Improve balance and rhythm in the golf swing

We also show you specific stretches and exercises that can build core strength to help you stabilize your spine in the face of the extreme twisting motions involved in generating power during the swing. Our treatment identifies your individual shortcomings in bodily mobility and help you set a course that will improve performance on the course. If you are interested in improving your golf game with the help of chiropractic, give our office in Houston a call to schedule an appointment today.