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Finding a Little Relief: Chiropractic Care for Managing Chronic Pain

When musculoskeletal pain becomes chronic

Chronic pain is defined as lasting for three months or more. The causes of chronic pain are varied, as they can evolve out of an acute injury, or develop as a symptom of an autoimmune disorders. Quite often, chronic pain is an accompaniment of the natural spinal degeneration that comes with aging. As we get older, the vertebrae, joints and discs of our spines become more susceptible to wear and tear; when you combine this with the loss of muscle that naturally occurs with age, you have the perfect recipe for a weakened spine that causes you a lot of discomfort. With an aging population in America, chronic pain is on the rise, and it is wreaking havoc with the wellbeing of our citizens.

Learning to live with your pain

In most cases of chronic pain, there is no be-all, end-all treatment; indeed, many of the underlying factors which cause chronic pain including spinal stenosis and arthritis are untreatable. Many people find that they are not getting enough symptom relief from traditional healthcare methods, and the search for relief starts to spread towards more conservative, natural methods of healthcare to compliment their primary care. As chiropractors, our goal is to help people identify the source of the chronic pain and manage the symptoms. This is a goal-based treatment which seeks to use natural modalities that will reduce the severity and frequency of painful episodes, helping you to live better despite your condition.

For people suffering from chronic back pain, chiropractic seeks to use natural modalities to increase your wellbeing. We identify and treat musculoskeletal conditions and disorders on an individual basis. We personalize your treatment plan, including:

  • Lifestyle management 
  • Spinal adjustment and mobilization
  • Spinal traction and decompression
  • Strengthening of the core stabilizing muscles 
  • Stretching of the back muscles.

Our goal is to increase your natural mobility and range of motion while reducing pain. If you are interested in our approach to treating chronic pain, give our office in Houston a call to schedule an appointment today.