Everyday Activities that Lead to Back Pain

Chances are, the things we do every day are the things that could potentially sideline us with an injury. Generally, when we’re performing a new task, we give it the proper attention and consideration it deserves. Plus, these new things we do each day are usually one-off activities or actions. Repetitive actions are what end up causing us the most wear and tear.

Below are a few everyday activities you might be engaging in which can lead to back problems.

Sitting with Improper Posture

Whether it’s at work, in the car, or in between, if you’re sitting with anything less than perfect posture, then you can end up causing anatomical changes to your spine which can affect your health in adverse ways.

Improper Lifting Technique

Again, whether it’s at work or at play, failing to practice proper lifting technique can sideline you with an injury. Instead, lift with your legs. Keep your feet shoulder-width apart and carry loads close to the body in order to save your spine.

Too Much Time in the Chair

We sit a lot, come to think of it. We sit at work, we sit in the car, and we sit on the couch and Netflix on our days off. Sitting for long periods of time causes discomfort and pain, not to mention puts pressure on your muscles and discs in your back and your neck. Instead, try to do as much of your work standing up as you can. Incorporate an hourly stretch routine to switch things up a bit.

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