Decompress Each Day with Spinal Elongation

Spinal degeneration is happening every day…

…which means that every day represents a choice: we are either proactive in fighting back against the degeneration or we do nothing about it. If we choose the latter, many of us will end up with narrowing discs and abnormal spinal curvature; we will end up losing height and feeling more pain. Here is a standard recipe for back pain due to spinal degeneration:

  • The downward force of gravity
  • Spinal motion segments that naturally weaken over time 
  • Poor lifestyle habits such as consistently bad posture increase the compressive effect 
  • Lack of core stability support- weak muscles unable to share the burden of your body weight effectively

There are so many elements which increase the compressive factor on our spines, which means that many of us can benefit from daily decompression. 

Decompression through spinal elongation

Much of the work we do at Holmes Chiropractic is geared toward helping people decompress their spines. Natural, non-invasive spinal decompression can be achieved through a multitude of modalities including:

  • Manual traction
  • Motorized traction
  • Inversion 

No matter what technique you choose, the goal is the same: opening up space between the vertebrae to allow for rehydration of intervertebral discs and the retraction of bulging disc material. By gently stretching an embattled region, we direct nutrient and oxygen-rich blood flow toward the region to promote healing. Surgical and nonsurgical decompression are the two most famous forms of decompression therapy; fewer people know that you can decompress daily from the comfort of your own home. How? I hear you asking.

The answer is by focusing on stretches that promote spinal elongation. Certain yoga flows and pilates routines can be tailored directly toward reversing the ill-effects of spinal compression. When you rest in Child’s Pose or perform exercises such as the back arch, you are actively elongating the lumbar spine and alleviating the symptoms of compression.

Spinal elongation is nature’s answer to compression

At Holmes Chiropractic, we are primarily concerned with helping people design ingenious solutions to account for their back pain. Just 5-10 minutes of spinal elongation stretching each day can serve as a platform for powerful changes in your spinal health. If you need more help getting inspired, give our office a call to schedule an appointment today.