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Coming to Grips With Your Weight

Let’s talk about your weight

At our office in Holmes Chiropractic, education is a part of our mission, and education about weight is something that not everyone is willing to listen to with an open ear. But here’s the thing: maybe you aren’t getting the facts straight from your other doctors. While traditional medicine treats the symptoms of obesity (blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, joint problems) with medication, it leaves the individual short of options for real effective weight management. We believe in the power of your target weight and we will help you do whatever it takes to lower and maintain a healthy target weight that does not overly burden your spine. 

Excess weight is killing your spine

Every excess pound is a burden your spine can’t afford to bear- after all, it is already fighting against gravity and the degeneration of age to keep you upright. People often begin to notice spinal pain when they reach the threshold of 10 pounds overweight, having been that way for an extended period of time. This extra weight puts a lot of pressure on your joints; when the fat accumulates around the abdomen, the lower back muscles are strained in their attempt to support your spine. Compromised range of motion, lower back pain, herniated discs and nerve dysfunction are all common outcomes of such a scenario. Extra weight also makes you less able and less likely to exercise and move effectively, a key part of maintaining full range of motion and staving off pain. 

Let’s get you moving in support of a healthy target weight today

We can start slow- gentle exercise and stretching, along with a healthy diet and chiropractic adjustments are a great starting point for anyone trying to lose a few pounds. Our expertise and encouragement will keep you on track and feeling great about your body feeling better. Don’t take on this task alone- if you are interested in losing weight in a healthy, sustainable manner, give our office in Houston a call today.