Chronic Pain Checklist

If you’re living with pain and discomfort, there’s a point in time where you have to identify if you’re dealing with chronic or acute pain. Acute pain is an isolated experience while chronic pain is an ongoing situation.

Below, Holmes Chiropractic goes over a few ways chronic pain manifests itself.

First, how long has your pain lasted? If your pain and discomfort has been going on for 3 months or longer, then it’s likely that you’re experiencing chronic pain.

Second, think of how the pain came to be. Was it from an injury or is it from continuous strain and overuse? Chronic pain can come as the result of trauma, stress, injury, or even the things we do over and over again each day.

It’s also important to identify if your pain is coming from an ongoing issue, like arthritis, fibromyalgia, inflammation, or other factors.

There’s a lot you can do if you’re experiencing chronic pain and would like to get some help. Contact Holmes Chiropractic today to learn about how our treatments help patients living with chronic pain, not to mention how we help entire families stay healthy and active.